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We discovered this through designer friends and were awed.  Three salvaged barges recreated in an abandoned and unused water way on the river Spree add life, development, and community in what once was an unused and forgotten space.  Hear the story @ www.badeschiff.de

Yuki, Spaces, Imagination, Possibility.


We admire Yuki’ work for  imagining a space’ potential regardless of it’s observed limitations while consistently inventing new definitions of what it is or experienced! You can see more of his work at yukihirotaguchi.com

The Ultimate Kitchen Garden, Italian Style

Chef Tony Priolo in his garden at Piccolo Sogno

This is our second season and first full year of developing the patios potential at Piccolo Sogno for edible produce.  We started with a cold and long spring which brings particular challenges to the urban environment.  One of our concerns is air circulation and how we will be accommodating plants within this challenge.  We plan on adding depth to the space for a continuous crop rotation and adjustments to the site within the sites challenges for greater success! Here is the full story in Edible Chicago

New Bohemia Signs

far-west-fungi-mushroom-tb learntofly-tb

Damon and New Bohemia signs have the Bay Area covered with hand painted signs, from homes to restaurants, the style is unmistakable and always enjoyable. They have done Loran Landscapes’ signs from the very beginning and they still hold up and look great.  Check them out!

Sean Thackrey, Maverick Winemaker

Sean Thackrey-photo

I  have found Sean Thackrey’s wines to be purposeful, well-constructed and wise.  Deleting the wine making process of it’s pretension and superficial qualities to reveal itself of it’s most eternal qualities.  You can find him at the table on chow.com

Art Institute’s New “Magic Carpet” Ride


Image by Andrew Ciscel via Flickr

The Art Institute unveiled its new “Piano” this weekend. The new Modern Wing by architect Renzo Piano is exceptional both in the way that it captures light and that it now permits the Art Institute to display modern works from 1900-1950 chronologically…which is a remarkable way for the viewer to grasp the relationship between artists, history and culture.

Image from Architecturelab.net

Image from Architecturelab.net

The $300 million dollar Modern Wing is an inspiration…and its sustainable design nicely complements Millennium Park’s green space.

Going Native


We are fervent believers in reintroducing native species to the environments in which we work. Not only is it the best thing for the space and the plants, ultimately it saves money and lessens the environmental impact of trying to care for a plant that is forced to live in conditions for which it is ill-suited.

The Chicago Center for Green Technology is doing some interesting work in this area. If you have the time, you should check them out.
For further inspiration, Noah’s Garden is worth a read.

Form & Function








Isn’t it remarkable that a vehicle that was designed in the 1950’s for practical utility and value for the money has evolved into such an iconic design?

Our white Loran Landscapes Landcruiser is a labor of love…but we love it all the same.

If you are interested in vintage Landscruisers and want to lose a morning surfing for inspiration, check out Vintage Offroad.

Herbal Inspiration


Image by lavaleria via Flickr

Image by lavaleria via Flickr

I have invested the last eighteen months chasing an herb.
Who could have thought that I would ever say such a thing?  Who might have guessed that this all would cause such a stir?  Who would have guessed that one chef’s passion…would become a passion of my own?

Who would have thought that this beautiful little herb, would have had such a pronounced effect on me as a horticulturalist…and as a entreprenuer? Perhaps there is some kind of poetry in the fact that my days of late have been most profoundly affected…by an elusive, beautiful plant.

Katsu: Edible Artistry












This Rogers Park “secret” is a source of culinary inspiration for me.
Katsu’s artistry, attention to detail and steadfast refusal to compromise on quality sets it apart from other sushi establishments in Chicago.
It is one of my personal favorites and an inspiration for our business.
Often smaller is better.

If you are looking for inspiration tonight, check out Katsu.

It never disappoints.

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